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Pilgrimage to Holy Land: Oct 28 – Nov 11, 2010

The group of 32 pilgrims from 4 countries were on the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
The Pilgrimage was organized by Orthodox Tours (
Here are the links to the photo albums.
30-Oct-2010 1 Sea of Galilee
30-Oct-2010 2 Mount Tabor
30-Oct-2010 3 Cana of Galilee
30-Oct-2010 4 Nazareth – the Spring of Virgin Mary
30-Oct-2010 5 Nazareth – House of the carpenter Joseph
31-Oct-2010 1 The liturgy at Magdal
31-Oct-2010 2 Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha
31-Oct-2010 3 House of Peter at Capernaum
31-Oct-2010 4 Magdal – The Peter’s Fish
31-Oct-2010 5 Kursi
31-Oct-2010 6 Church of the Apostles at Capernaum
1-Nov-2010 1 Church of the Loaves and Fishes, Tabgha
1-Nov-2010 2 Jordan River at Yardenit
1-Nov-2010 3 St.George Monastery, Khoziba
1-Nov-2010 4 Jericho city
1-Nov-2010 5 Jericho-Mount of Temptation
1-Nov-2010 6 Russian Orthodox Monastery in Jericho
1-Nov-2010 7 Zacchaeus sycamore (Jericho)
1-Nov-2010 8 Monastery of St. Gerasimos of Jordan
2-Nov-2010 1 Lavra of St. Sabba
2-Nov-2010 2 Monastery of St. Elias the Prophet
2-Nov-2010 3 Bethlehem Monastery at the Shepherds Field
2-Nov-2010 4 The Basilica of the Nativity of Christ at Bethlehem (1-st visit)
2-Nov-2010 5 Hebron – Russian Holy Trinity Monastery (Abraham’s Oak)
3-Nov-2010 1 Bethany Community of Resurrection
3-Nov-2010 2 Tomb of Lazarus, Bethany
3-Nov-2010 3 Bethany, The Franciscan Church of St. Lazarus
3-Nov-2010 4 Monastery of the Cross, Jerusalem
3-Nov-2010 5 Monastery of Saint Symeon the Receiver of the Lord at Katamonas
3-Nov-2010 6 Ein Karem – The Church of the Birth of St. John the Baptist
3-Nov-2010 7 Ein-Karem – Gorny convent of Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 1 Tomb of the Virgin, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 2 Garden of Gethsemane, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 3 Kidron Valley, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 4 The Lions’ Gate, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 5 St. Anne Church, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 6 Bethesda Pools, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 7 Via Dolorosa: The Stations of the Cross, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 8 Via Dolorosa: Judgment Gate, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 9 Via Dolorosa: Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 10 Jaffa Gate, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 11 Mount Zion, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 12 The Armenian and Jewish quarters, Old city, Jerusalem
4-Nov-2010 13 The Tomb of Jesus, Old city, Jerusalem
5-Nov-2010 1 The Basilica of the Nativity of Christ at Bethlehem (2-ed visit)
5-Nov-2010 2 Museum of Israel, Jerusalem
5-Nov-2010 3 Russian Monastery of Ascension, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
5-Nov-2010 4 Chapel of the Ascension, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
5-Nov-2010 5 Church of the Pater Noster, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
5-Nov-2010 6 Dominus Flevit Church, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
5-Nov-2010 7 Russian Orthodox Convent of St. Mary Magdalene, Mt of Olives, Jerusalem
6-Nov-2010 1 Free day in Ierusalem
6-Nov-2010 2 Night service at the Tomb of Jesus, Old city, Jerusalem
7-Nov-2010 1 Emmaus-Nocopolis – to the west from Jerusalem
7-Nov-2010 2 Archeological Park in Caesarea
7-Nov-2010 3 Jaffa – Russian St Apostle Peter Monastery
7-Nov-2010 4 Lydda(Lod) – Tomb of St. Great Martyr George the Victory-bearer
8-Nov-2010 1 Bethany beyond Jordan (the place of baptising Jesus) – Jordan
8-Nov-2010 2 Elijah’s Hill – Jordan
8-Nov-2010 3 Memorial of Moses – Jobal Nebo – Jordan
8-Nov-2010 4 Lunch in Madaba – Jordan
8-Nov-2010 5 Greek Church in Madaba – Jordan
9-Nov-2010 1 Al Beidha (Little Petra) – Jordan
9-Nov-2010 2 Petra – Jordan
10-Nov-2010 1 Shawbak Castle – Jordan
10-Nov-2010 2 Kerak – Jordan
10-Nov-2010 3 Um Rassas-surviving column – Jordan
10-Nov-2010 4 Canyon Wadi Hasa (Wadi-Zered) – Jordan
10-Nov-2010 5 The fortress of Mukawer – Jordan
10-Nov-2010 6 Madaba Mosaic shop – Jordan
11-Nov-2010 1 Archeological Park in Jerash – Jordan

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