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April 25, 2011 – First Easter Orthodox Service in Kelowna

Procession. Matins. Liturgy and following the Liturgy: Blessing of Easter baskets, and Pot-Luck lunch
took place At 10.00 AM on Monday April 25, 2011 at 5367 HEDEMAN COURT, KELOWNA
The service was held by archpriest Michael Fourik, Rector of the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor, Vancover,
Dean of British Columbia and Yukon.

It was all very solemn, his father Michael served in Russian and English languages (for Canadian parishioners). Then there was the consecration of the Pasok, cakes, eggs. Many at the service were last back in Russia, but for Canadians it was generally the first time in my life.

Guests brought refreshments and a table just bursting with goodies. The hungry one of us is gone. Began to disperse about three, and some guests stayed for dinner.

First time, of course not all uchtesh, but Praise the Lord a start.

On the day, the Lord God bless you all!
We hope to organize regular worship services in our region in the near future.

Tatanya Reshetova

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