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With the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters, parishioners of Holy Resurrection Sobor!
Christ is born — Glorify Him!

With love in the New-Born Christ and best wishes,
Archpriest Michael Fourik

As you know, dear brothers and sisters, our Sobor follows Julian old Church calendar, celebrating Christmas on January 7th! However, half of our parishioners celebrate the Feast of Nativity according to the New Gregorian calendar (Dec 25th) our ruling Bishop gave a blessing to celebrate Christmas in our very own church twice both by old and new calendars. Here is our schedule for Festive celebration services:

December 2013
24, Tue — 18:00 Vigil on the eve of the Nativity
25, Wed — 10:00 The Nativity… Liturgy and Lunch (pot-luck)
28, Sat — 18:00 pm Great Vespers and General Confession
29, Sun — 10:00 Liturgy. 12:00 — Christmas Concert then Lunch (pot-luck)

January 2014
5,Sun — 10:00 Liturgy and Prayer for New Year
6, Mon — 18:00 Vigil on the eve of the Nativity
7, Tue — 10:00 The Nativity of Christ. Liturgy
14, Tue — 10:00 Circumcision of our Lord and St. Basil the Great. Liturgy
18, Sat — 18:00 Theophany Eve. Strict Fast. Vigil and Great Blessing of Water
19, Sun — 10:00 Theophany — Baptism of our Lord. After the Liturgy Pot-luck lunch in the Church. Then right away — the blessing of the ocean in Kitsilano as usually. Then swimming in the ocean and tea time. For the details, please go to:

May the Lord God bless us all.

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