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Schedule for the Festive services

With the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters, parishioners of Holy Resurrection Sobor!

Christ is born — Glorify Him!

Cordially I greet all of you

with the coming Feast of the Nativity of our Lord and New Year!

 May the joyous Feast be a blessed, prayerful and salvational for everybody.

May Jesus Christ bless us with peace, spiritual strength, “ daily bread” and earthly goods.

With love in the New-Born Christ and best wishes, Archpriest Michael Fourik.

Here is our schedule for the Festive services:

24, Thur 18:00 Vigil on the eve of the Nativity
25, Fri 10:00 The Nativity of Jesus Christ. Liturgy and Lunch (pot-luck)
27, Sun 10:00 Liturgy. Play “12 Months”, Santa Claus’s visit and Pot-luck-Lunch
3, Sun 10:00 Liturgy and Prayer for New Year
6, Wed 18:00 Vigil on the eve of the Nativity
7, Thur 10:00 The Nativity of Christ. Liturgy
14, Thur 10:00 Circumcision of our Lord and St. Basil the Great. Liturgy
18, Mon 18:00 Theophany Eve. Strict Fast. Vigil and Great Blessing of Water
19, Tue 10:00 Theophany-Baptism of our Lord. Liturgy. Holy Water is available
19, Tue — 18:30 The blessing of the ocean in Kitsilano, then – swimming in the ocean and tea.

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