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Annual Parish Meeting will take place on April 3, 2016

Christ is in our midst!

Dear members of the Holy Resurrection Sobor!
I wish to remind you that we are going to have our Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, April 3rd 2016 at 12:30pm after the Divine Liturgy and Pot Luck Lunch.
Please try to make an effort to attend this Meeting. If you paid your membership dues but unable to attend, please sign a Proxy and give it to a voting member who will vote on your behalf.
Our membership payment this year is $140 . The dues for new members (first 2 years) is $70.
Please bring a dish for Pot Luck Lunch.
Thank you to all those who already paid in advance. At this moment we have 20 members out of 72 who paid their membership so far.
God bless you!

In Christ,
Fr. Michael Fourik
Rector of Holy Resurrection Sobor

Documents for the APM:

What is the meaning of a member of the Parish?

In accordance with the Constitution of our Holy Resurrection Sobor, a member of the Parish is a person who regularly attends Church services, partakes of the Sacraments of Holy Confession and Holy Communion, participates in the life of the church community, devotes his/ her time or talent towards the growth of the Parish, provides financial support and pays membership dues.

The Member of the Parish has the right to vote at the APM when major decisions are made about life and financial activity of the Parish.

Payment of Membership dues:

At present time, our annual membership payment is $140.
You may make the Membership Payment in Cash or Cheque to our Treasurer Pavel Sorokin.
All income, including Membership payments, is used for the church expenses and needs for renovations, bill payments, etc. The income and expenses are budgeted every year at the APM and confirmed by members.

New members are offered to pay half of their Membership dues for the first two years. Your donations to the Parish could be claimed for Income Tax Returns and receipts will be issued at the end of the fiscal year.

Please pay your dues completely or in two, three installments before the April 3, 2016 APM.

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