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July 25-28 2017 Canadian Archdiocese Assembly

In July 2017, the assembly of the Canadian archdiocese was held in Edmonton at the Sands motor hotel from July 25th to the 28th. I attended this event as an observer, along with Fr. Michael, mat. Elena and Jason Morley with his family. I included attendance as part of a 3-weeks road trip to Alberta and am presenting a few photos from the trip and the assembly.
The assembly was a large, informative and very well organized event, the hotel facilities were excellent. Many issues were discussed, reports were presented and resolutions made and voted on by delegates. It is wonderful to see and experience such a gathering of clergy and lay people from all over the country and to see the church at work. In addition, it was good to have some contact with some of the church hierarchy, other clergy and to meet other orthodox Christians.
People are able to meet, exchange ideas and form new contacts and friendships, there were other events, such as an excellent banquet and lecture at the muttart conservatory one evening and time to tour the facility. On the last day, after the hierarchical liturgy, there was a bus tour of some of the rural historical churches outside of Edmonton. This region is where Fr Michael served for many years, and is often called the holy land because there are so many orthodox churches. It was a very long day, the bus returned us to the hotel very late, but it was a beautiful and enjoyable tour. We saw several beautiful historic sites, pretty countryside and were received with generous hospitality at each stop. There was a wonderful dinner banquet prepared for us at smoky lake, after which we returned to Edmonton, a great ending to a very enjoyable time.

Arthur Joseph Kostiha

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