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Electro-Magnetic Radiation – protect ourselves and our children – lecture on May 26

The Invisible Menace in our Environment

Electro-Magnetic Radiation – Its impact on health and consciousness and how we can protect ourselves and our children

The past several years have seen a growing awareness and concern over the detrimental effects of Electro- Magnetic Radiation (‘Electro-Smog’) on health and well- being. EMR is invisible and the effects on the human body can be subtle. The diverse sources of EMR and the varying environmental contexts in which EMR devices are used are a challenge for the design of objective scientific study. These sources encompass cell-phones, cordless or DECT phones, Wi-Fi or wireless LAN networks, smart meters, as well as AC ‘mains’ power distribution. People vary greatly in their response or reaction to EMR, from none or mild to severe.

Lecture by Ralph Danyluk. He has a M. Sc. in physics with a published thesis on energy transfer in plant photo- synthesis. After completing his degree he went on to work in information technology from the late 70’s through to 2004, spanning over 25 years. During that time he worked for two multi- national corporations as a senior and managing consultant; and owned and operated his own consulting practice for 15 of these years.

He specialized in application software development, support and adult training for large scale databases for industries including telecom, forestry and lumber, government, and banking.

His work took him throughout the USA, Canada, Japan, and South America. He was witness to emergence of computers from pre-PC 1970 to the dot- com bubble

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