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May 12 2019 Two Canyons Loop

Christ is risen, brothers and sisters!
After long winter hibernation, the Hiking Club of Holy Resurrection Sobor resumed its activities.
On Sunday, May 12 after the Divine Liturgy fifteen enthusiasts of active recreation gathered at the Rice Lake picnic area in Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.
In just over three hours we completed the popular route called Two Canyons Loop, admiring along the way the rapids and waterfalls of Seymour River and Lynn Creek, the magnificent forests in their canyons.
Glory be to God Who created such splendor practically on our doorstep!
May He grant many years to all participants!
Special thanks go to the organizer, Irina Grountseva.

Our next hike is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 8 and will be announced in Church.

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