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Services cancellation

Dear parishioners,
Christ is in our midst!
I received a letter from His Eminence Archbishop Irenee, stating that the Holy Synod of OCA asks all clergy not to celebrate services in our churches until April 1, 2020.
All Holy Resurrection Church services are cancelled until further notice after April 1st.
Please find below some very meaningful quotes from the Archbishop’s letter to all Canadian clergy,

May God bless us all.
Very Rev. M. Fourik

The Holy Synod met last night for 90 minutes. We were updated by Medical experts and lawyers. After this we deliberated our probable course of action.
I want to repeat what I wrote yesterday, that is :God is giving us a crash course on prayer.

This is a time to examine ourselves and our way of working/serving our flocks. If we come to closing our churches to all public worship for a few weeks, have we taught our faithful to pray?

Is our faith only centered on Sunday Liturgies? Or are we centered on prayer? Sunday morning Liturgies should be the climax of our prayer life, which is our intimate relationship with Our Lord.
Praying at home is essential for all of us. Now we have to realize this and fall back on it.

Praying at home, morning and evening prayers as a family is essential. Praying Canons and Akathist to the Mother of God will get us through this together.
When we pray at home, we are in intimate communion, through the Holy Spirit with all the Church.

Do not tempt the Lord. Remember that the Holy Eucharist will never make you sick, but coming together in a closed environment can
and eventually things will get worse before they improve…
This will pass with God’s help. Remember the Saints, Panteleimon, Spiridon, Cosmas and Damian, John of San-Francisco, your patron Saints.

May God bless and protect you all. ”
Archbishop Irenee

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