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Order Memorials and Help to the Temple !!!

Dear parishioners, Christ is risen!

As was announced earlier, we have a new and simplified system for memorial orders. The new system can work on PC and smart phones as well. The new orders can be made at our site Online Order for Memorials and Candles, or using a link .

Our old system with PDF is still functional. The technical support and any questions about orders are being handled by Natalia Sudakova at
Thank you for your generous donations. Your offerings are an enormous help for our Parish during these uncertain times.

With brotherly love,
Fr. Michael

From our treasurer Pavel Sorokin:
In this difficult time, we are temporarily deprived of the opportunity to gather in our church for worship. But we remain a parish, a community of faithful, a family in Christ – and the time has come to show this faithfulness by deed. The parish has lost income, but expenses remain: the rector’s salary, gas and electricity, insurance payments, maintenance and much more.
Many of us still have the opportunity to donate to the temple, and I ask you to donate as much as you can. And also, please do not forget about membership fees (annual fee $140.00).

Payment for an order, transfer of donations and membership fees is performed according to one of two options:

  • PayPal (PayPal account or credit card) – find on the website in the top right corner
  • Interact (e-transfer from your account to email, Contact name: Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor, Phone number: 604-325-1922)

May God bless you and keep you safe!

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