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Dear parishioners, brothers and sisters in Christ!

I cordially greet you with the upcoming Feast of feasts – Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

During these trying times I wish you Easter joy from our Resurrected Lord, as well as health protection, well-being, and recovery for all affected by the virus.
We will have the following services live stream on our website:

1. Holy Thursday, 7 pm – 12 Gospel Readings

2. Holy Friday, 6 pm – Holy Shroud, Matins with the Burial of our Lord

3. Easter service (Pascha)- 12 o’clock midnight ( from 18th to 19th of April).

On April 19th, the 10 am service is cancelled.

My request to you: Please prepare your Easter basket, and have Holy Water ready for the Midnight service. In the middle of the Midnight service I will read a prayer for the blessing of the Easter baskets. At that moment, you will sprinkle your Easter bread and goods with holy water. If you do not have holy water, please use plain water. The Almighty Lord will bless our baskets by our faith, and prayer.

Please dress up in your best festive clothes, praying with us and looking at the screen where you can see many church icons. We are standing in front of God.

All services will be conducted  with locked doors. It means that we ask EVERYONE ( NO EXCEPTION) please, to stay home. Only 6 people will be serving in the church.

We can not tempt God, and the clergy either. The situation with corona virus is more serious than we expected. It is still on the rise. Many priests all over the world, including Russia, Ukraine got sick with it ( among them we have relatives and friends). Some of them are in serious conditions in hospital. 

The Lord is testing our conscience, faith, hope, love to Him, and our neighbors. Heroic deeds are not suitable right now. As the church elders say, ‘Obedience stand higher than fasting and prayer’.

I wish you all a Paschal, Easter joy, and I am sure that as soon as we sing: Christ is risen!”, our hearts will fill with great joy!

We will answer the clergy,” Indeed He is risen!”

Yours in Christ,

Very Rev. Michael Fourik

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