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Culture and Education Committe report for 2001

Dear clergy, members of the Society and all parishioners of the Holy Resurrection Church in Vancouver!

We are grateful to God for the passed year in the life of our Sunday School and all cultural activities.

In March 2001, during the Spring break Sunday School children baked Kulichi (Easter Bread) and painted Easter eggs. All together there were approximately 30 children, including several children from St.Herman’s Church in Langley. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents involved.

On may13th, the Mother’s Day Concert was prepared by the talents of the Sunday School children and also guest-performers. Piano recital, poetry, vocal solos made the concert memorable.

The Year-End Concert of the Sunday School took place on June24. We enjoyed music, poetry, songs, ballet performed by our children. The well-known Little Red Riding Hood was played on the stage, with gorgeous costumes. It was a great success not without the help of M.Alexandrova and E.Bolshakova who worked hard at preparing the fairy-tale.

In October the Sunday School resumed it’s work with two new teachers on board. Matushka Mary and I.Gruntseva enthusiastically took on themselves the responsibilities of teachers.

All children were divided into 2 groups according to their age. The younger group is taught by I.Nevolsky and Matushka Mary Slipko. The second group teachers are I.Gruntseva and myself.

Starting last November, all of us worked hard at preparing the Christmas Concert, rehearsing the music and words, sewing costumes. At this point I wish to express my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in the production, especially:Matushka Mary,I.Nevolsky, S.Zhuk, K.Bolshakov , Basim Kasseberi and all parents who had to sew wings, make crowns and robes. I am grateful to all of you.

In the fall of last year, a group of our parishioners under the leadership of M.Alexandrova started working on a show, called The Musicians of Bremen. It was a fascinating play to watch at our Concert in January. This is a new page in the life of our cultural activities and I wish to encourage you to continue it in the future.

Among other cultural activities, I should mention 3 trips to the Bird Sanctuary last year, thanks to our guide Greg Wolyniec, who organized the trips.

Women’s group under the leadership of S.Stepaniak was a very interesting innovation,enjoyed immensely by everyone.

I wish to invite all of you for an unusual talk with I.Baukin, who is planning to tell us about X1X century Russian landscape artists. Everybody is welcome next Sunday, March 10 ,after the service, at our hall.

Our plans for this year 2002 are:

– To develop a group of Sunday School for the pre-school children,

– To organize a youth group;

– To continue Bible studies ( Orthodox Cathehism ) every 2nd and 4th Saturday;

– To fulfill a visit to a women’s monastery in Washington, with Sunday School children.

In conclusion, I wish to express my gratitude, once again to all of you who help us with the Sunday School and other activities. Your contributions are immeasurable.

May God bless you all !

Many parishioners give us encouragement and support, and it is very much appreciated.

Children are our heritage, as the Bible says. We will continue to teach them God’s word, as our Lord Jesus Christ said ⌠Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven (Mat.19:14).

Yours, in Christ

m. Elena Fourik

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