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Sisterhood report for year 1999

FEBRUARY 27, 2000

Father Michael, members of the sisterhood and other members of the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church of Vancouver.

I would like to thank all the ladies that came out and helped in the kitchen and out in putting on lunches and any and all other activities that we had in the past year. I would especially like to thank Nina Chudin, without her help and advise I would have been lost.

Besides our regular lunches we also assisted in a number of wakes. In March we helped successfully with the Retreat that was held at our church this past year. In April we had a successful bazaar and celebrated Easter. At the end of April men treated the ladies to a luncheon. In July we took a holiday and there were no lunches.

In August and September the preparations for fall activities started in earnest. The ladies met and spent one day in making piroshki, and again met on another day for making pelmeni. Everybody worked hard. All the preparations were for the fall bazaar in November. The bazaar went off quite well in spite of the fact that it followed soon after the very successful Jubilee Celebration.

In November we also welcomed our new priest, Father Michael. In December we bid farewell to Father Andrey and Matushka Henrietta who retired. On Christmas Eve we had potluck dinner and Kutia. The table was rich with offerings of all kind. On February 5th the ladies of the sisterhood met for lunch and then a well-enjoyed afternoon of bingo. There was a raffle and lots of other prizes to be won. The following day on February 6th, 2000, a meeting of the sisterhood was held and new officers of the sisterhood were elected.

The new President of the Sisterhood is Ludmila Darialova.


President of the Sisterhood Jrene J Tolmes

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