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Chronology of events

1924: The first Divine Liturgy is served on September 14 at the local YMCA by Archimandrite Antonin (Pokrovsky). A house is purchased at 1570 W. 7th Avenue for the church, dedicated to the Memory of the Restoration of the Holy Resurrection Temple in Jerusalem.

1925: Through bazaars and collections, funds are raised for repairs and decorations. Parishioners donate furnishings and icons. The Greco-Russian Orthodox Brotherhood is formed on Nov. 15.

1925-28: The Pontifical Liturgy is celebrated several times by Bishop Theophile of Chicago and Bishop Arseny (Chakhovtsev) of Winnipeg and Canada.

1927: Parish Council is elected in January, to which the Brotherhood hands over all funds. The Brotherhood reaffirms its loyalty to Metropolitan Platon and the Archdiocese of North America.

1928: The mortgage is paid off by year’s end. Construction of the first Orthodox Church in Vancouver begins on Nov. 25, financed by Mr. Aivazoff, a mortgage and a bank loan.

1929: on Aug. 4 His Eminence Platon, Metropolitan of North America, consecrates the completed church. In December, Fr. Antonin is made Bishop of Alaska.

1930: Hegumen Gregory (Prozoroff) is appointed rector. The lending library is started.

1931: Russian cultural activity in Vancouver reaches its peak. Many benefit concerts and shows are staged for the Russian Veterans of the Great War living in Europe.
In October, Fr. Gregory is transferred to Alaska. Archpriest Alexander Kiziun is appointed Rector.

1932: The Church house basement is reconstructed to house a dining room and library.

1933: The Moscow Patriarchate demands a pledge of obedience and loyalty to the Soviet State from Metropolitan Platon, who refuses. Moscow breaks off communion and establishes its own North American exarchate.

1934: Several Russian families in the Abbotsford area create a Brotherhood; they build the Sts Peter and Paul chapel, dedicated by Fr. Alexander on Dec. 30.

1935: A Financial crisis threatens the parish’s existence, when creditors seize the church building. The Russian Orthodox Society is created and incorporated on July 1, with 36 founding members. Rent and debt payments are resumed, and the church reopened.

1936: A Ladies’ Auxiliary is formed, affiliated with the ROS.

1937: Fr. Alexander leaves the parish on Aug.1. to build the Holy Trinity Church on Campbell Avenue. A Russian school is established.

1938: Priest-monk Anthony (Vasilieff) of Toronto is appointed Rector.

1939: The mortgage is finally paid off. Fr. Anthony retires in November.

1940: Archimandrite Aggey (Mazur) is received from the Russian Church Abroad, appointed Rector.

1941: Nazi Germany invades Russia. This is cause for grave concern to the majority of the parish. A Red Cross assistance group is formed.

1942: The St. Nicholas parish disbands, most members join Holy Resurrection church.

1943: A branch of the Federation of Russian Canadians is established under the auspices of the ROS.

1942-45: The Committee for Helping the Motherland stages Shows for the benefit of the Russian Relief Fund.

1946: A new lower floor is built in the Community House. It houses a kitchen and dining room.
The Metropolia’s attempts to restore canonical relations with Moscow cause the dissolution of the agreement with the Karlovtsy Synod.
Shows are performed for the benefit of Russian refugees in Europe. The Ladies’ Auxiliary sponsors several refugee families. Many parcels are sent to DP (Displaced Persons) camps.

1948: Fr. Aggey tries in vain to persuade the General Meeting to switch allegiance to the Synod in Exile. Bishop John of Brooklyn removes Fr. Aggey from office.

1949: Archpriest Leonid Kaspersky arrives from Germany, is appointed rector. The neighboring house and plot is purchased for the priest.
In the wake of the Communist takeover, Russian families start arriving from China.

1951: The Russian Culture Group is formed; the first “cultural season” is officially opened. The church is attached to the diocese of San Francisco and the West, Northwestern Deanery.
The city of Vancouver announces its plan to demolish the church in order to make room for the new Granville Bridge. The ROS Council decides to build a new church, hall and rectory.

1952: Fr. Leonid leaves to the USA in February. Fr. Peter Kurzemnek is appointed rector.
Bishop Nikon (de Greve) is appointed Bishop of Toronto and Canada.
Newcomers from Shanghai reactivate the St. Nicholas parish and build a new church on 13th Avenue.

1953: Local architect Russ Lort is retained. Bishops Nikon of Toronto and John of San-Francisco bless the foundation on Dec.27.

1954: On June 4 the Lesser Dedication is celebrated. Metropolitan Leonty consecrates the new church with hall and rectory on July 11. Bishops Nikon of Toronto, John of San Francisco and John of Alaska concelebrate.
Some 35 members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary form the Canadian Orthodox Ladies’ Guild in July. The Circle of Stage Art Devotees is formed. Films are shown and shows performed in the new Church hall.

1955: The neighboring house is bought.
The ROS establishes a regular Russian school program. The Russian Dramatic Group splits off from ROS in 1955 and becomes the nucleus of the Russian Centre of B.C.

1957: Holy Resurrection Church is reattached to the Diocese of Canada.
Archbishop Nikon retires, and Metropolitan Leonty becomes locum tenens of the Canadian diocese once again.

1959: The mortgage for the new church and hall is paid off. Metropolitan Leonty visits on July 14. N. S. Zadorozhny paints the ceiling and many icons in 1959-60.

1960: The Romanian episcopate under the administration of Bishop Valerian (Trifa) is received into the Metropolia’s jurisdiction.

1962: Fr. Peter Kurzemnek leaves on Sep.1. Archpriest Prokopy Powers (Povarnitsyn) accepts the post of interim rector. The Canadian Russian Youth Club is formed.

On Aug.18 the wonder-working Kazan icon of the Mother of God is displayed at Holy Resurrection Church. In November archpriest Oleg Boldireff is appointed Rector.
Bishop Sylvester (Haruns) is appointed Bishop of Montreal and Canada in June. He visits on Sep. 3.

1964: Missionary Day is celebrated at Holy Resurrection Church together with Greek and Serb priests for the first time. The 40-th anniversary of the parish is celebrated. Fr. Oleg serves the Liturgy in English for the first time on Nov. 22.

1965: The Sts Peter and Paul Chapel in Abbotsford is handed over to the ROS.
Metropolitan Leonty falls asleep in the Lord. Archbishop Ireney (Bekish) is elected the new Metropolitan of All America and Canada.

1966: The wonder-working icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God comes to Vancouver in November with Archbishop John of Chicago.

1967: The first Lenten retreat is held on April 16 together with Greek faithful. The Canada Centennial celebration at Holy Resurrection includes a special service and banquet on June 11, a concert on June 3; Metropoitan Ireney visits on Dec. 25. The ROS changes its bylaw on Feb.26 to make the Metropolia receiver of the ROS property in the event of the Society’s dissolution.

1968: Archimandrite Joasaph (Antoniuk) is consecrated Bishop of Edmonton, vicar under Archbishop Sylvester.

The Metropolia begins official talks with the Moscow Patriarchate for the purpose of autocephaly.

1970: Fr. Oleg requests a transfer. Bishop Joasaph takes the post of acting Rector. In June his appointment becomes permanent, while he remains the Auxiliary Bishop for Western Canada.
The agreement on autocephaly is signed in New York on March 31, and the tomos is received in Moscow in May. In October, the 14th All-American Council proclaims the autocephaly of “The Orthodox Church in America (OCA)”.
St Herman of Alaska is canonized on Aug. 9 – the first canonized Orthodox saint in North America. Bishop Joasaph and several parishioners travel to Alaska to take part in the celebrations.

1971: Influenced by the personality and service of Bishop Joasaph, more people come to church, and several outsiders convert to Orthodoxy.

1972: Archpriest John Karateyev retires to Vancouver and assists Bishop Joasaph. He helps establish the Annunciation Orthodox Community in Victoria.

1973: Maria Kolbowicz starts teaching Divine Law. Dr. Hartley represents the parish at the All-American Assembly in Pittsburgh.

1974: Newly ordained deacon Andrew Somow is transferred by the Federal Government to Vancouver and appointed to Holy Resurrection Church in August. 50-th anniversary of the parish is celebrated on Sept. 29. Metropolitan Ireney celebrates the Pontifical Liturgy.

1975: The chapel in Abbotsford is sold. The Russian Canadian Golden Age Society is formed.

1976: Hegumen Cyril (Bulashevich) arrives in May, is appointed second priest.

1977: Fr. Cyril serves the Liturgy in English again. Dr. Edward Hartley and other former parishioners of the Holy Resurrection Church form the mission parish of St. Nicholas in Langley.
A Diocesan assembly is held in Montreal, followed by the Fifth All-American Council of the OCA. Upon the retirement of Metropolitan Ireney, Bishop Theodosius is elected the Primate.

1978: Bishop Joasaph falls asleep in the Lord on Oct.18. Priest-monk Panteleimon (Belko) serves in Fr. Cyril’s absence. Religious education for adults is started. T. Nikitina restarts the Russian school.

1979: The Greek Orthodox Community of East Vancouver rents the upper hall for liturgical purposes. 55-th anniversary of the parish is celebrated. Fr. Alexander Schmemann and Fr. John Meyendorff visit. Fr. Panteleimon is appointed second priest in November.
Separate services in English and Slavonic are tried for a time.

1981: Archbishop Sylvester retires. Metropolitan Theodosius becomes locum tenens of the diocese.

1982: Archbishop Basil of San Francisco comes for the Patronal feast on Oct.3.

1983: At the ROS annual meeting a Church Committee is formed chaired by the Rector.
The III Assembly of the World Council of Churches is held in Vancouver on July 24-Aug.10. The delegation from the USSR – including His Holiness Ilia II, Patriarch of Georgia, and His Eminence Juvenaly, Metropolitan of Kolomna and Krutitsy (Moscow) – concelebrates the Pontifical Liturgy at Holy Resurrection church with His Beatitude Theodosius on July 31. Two more pontifical liturgies are served during the assembly – by Metropolitan Dorotheos with bishop Simon of Lodz and by bishop Seraphim of Sendai and Eastern Japan. This welcome extended to hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchate causes a split in the parish. 36 parishioners leave and join the RCA (Synodal) churches.

1984: Fr. Cyril leaves in November. Fr. Vadim Pogrebniak of Seattle is appointed the Primate’s representative to the Holy Resurrection Church. A new, bigger one replaces the rectory building. The 60th anniversary of the parish is celebrated on Sept 30. Metropolitan Theodosius celebrates the Pontifical Liturgy.

1985: Fr. Victor Sokolov is appointed rector in September. Fr. Panteleimon is released from priestly duties. Holy Resurrection Church is temporarily attached to the Pacific Northwest Deanery.
A bell-tower is built over the church entrance. Bishop Gregory of Alaska visits with the Sitka icon of the Mother of God. He comes for the Patronal feast on Oct. 6 and blesses the new Rectory.

1986: Metropolitan Theodosius attends Expo-86 in Vancouver and heads the Divine Liturgy at the Kodak Pacific Bowl on July 13. He visits our church.

A Refugee Fund is created for sponsoring refugees coming to Canada. A conflict arises between Fr. Victor and some Council members. Fr. Victor announces his resignation in December.

The St Nicholas church in Langley splits. The founding group leaves and reforms as the mission parish of St. Herman of Alaska in Surrey.

Fr. Vadim Pogrebniak is appointed temporary rector in April. Fr. Victor leaves in June. Fr. Deacon Andrew serves Vespers and Obednitsa.

In August the Romanian Holy Trinity Orthodox Community starts renting the church and hall for services and meetings; the agreement is renewed on different terms until 1989. The Rectory is leased.

St. Herman of Alaska mission receives in June a new priest, Fr. Lawrence Farley, and is granted canonical transfer to the OCA.

Fr. Seraphim Storheim is consecrated as auxiliary Bishop of Edmonton at the Diocesan Assembly in Edmonton on June12. He comes to Holy Resurrection for the Patronal feast on Sept.20-21.

1988: Fr. Evan Lowig is appointed Rector provisionally in April and permanently in October. Matushka Henrietta designs the stained-glass windows that are installed during 1988-89. The stage is re-equipped and redecorated. Fr. Evan starts a cycle of lectures. Publication of is resumed On Oct. 2, the Patronal feast is celebrated together with the Millennium of the Baptism of Russia. Archbishop Sylvester and bishop Seraphim concelebrate the Divine Liturgy.

1989: A Lenten Concert is held on April 2. On July 7, the St. Vladimir Seminary Octet performs. A poll is conducted among parishioners concerning the proposed switch to the Gregorian calendar. 77% are in favor. The switch comes into effect with the Christmas celebration on Dec. 25. The 65th anniversary is celebrated on October 1. Bishop Seraphim celebrates the Divine Liturgy.

1990: Fr. Andrew is elevated to the rank of Protodeacon. He starts serving at the St. Elias (Arab) Church in New Westminster. Cultural life is reactivated. A Lenten retreat is held. Sunday school starts in October, taught by Nelica Volrich. At the Diocesan Assembly in July, Bishop Seraphim is installed as the ruling Bishop of Ottawa and Canada, and the Archdiocesan By-laws are adopted.

The “Miloserdie (Mercy)” Group is established in April on the initiative of Mrs. Raissa Kolesnikov to help children in Russian hospitals. The first parcels are assembled and sent to Moscow.

1991: David Labute and Dianne Bristow teach Sunday school. The lending library reopens. Fr. Protodeacon Andrew Somow retires from active duty effective Jan. 1.

1992: the OCA parishes at Holy Resurrection celebrate The Sunday of Orthodoxy. A Lenten retreat is held. Ms. Sandra Gorda starts teaching Sunday school. The Mercy and Compassion Group sends 270 boxes of clothing to Moscow.

On Dec. 26 Fr. Andrew Somow is ordained to the priesthood.

1993: On July 27-30 the Diocesan Assembly is held in Vancouver at UBC. Fr. Andrew works on the Planning Committee, matushka Henrietta, Fr. Evan, Mike Andruff and David Kelly perform many duties. The Holy Resurrection Church hosts the Clergy Synaxis.

Fr. Evan is released of his assignment as of Aug.1and later transferred to Alberta. Fr. Andrew is appointed Acting Rector in December. The ROS forms a committee to lobby on behalf of refugee claimants – Assistance to Russian Newcomers (ARN).

70th anniversary of the parish is celebrated on Sept. 20, together with the 200th anniversary of Orthodoxy in North America. Bishop Seraphim celebrates the Pontifical Liturgy.

In December Fr. Andrew starts a bible study group. Tatiana Mednikova teaches the Russian school.

The Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers service is held at our church. As of Nov. 1 Fr. Stephen Slipko is attached to the Holy Resurrection Church. The Dimoff family leases the Rectory. Mr. Dimitry Dimoff takes on the duties of property caretaker.

1996: Total value of the aid sent to Russia by the Mercy and Compassion Group exceeds $3 million.

1997: The kitchen is rebuilt and re-equipped at the cost of $30,000.

1998: The Lenten Retreat and Lenten Concert are attended better than ever. Preparations are underway for the 75th anniversary celebration.

1999: The church and halls are repaired, repainted and redecorated. Celebration of the parish’s 75th anniversary was held on September 19, led by His Beatitude Theodosius, Primate of the OCA.

2007: Jan 7 – Christmas Service (back to Julian Calendar)