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Nov 19 2017 Congratulations with Michael’s day

Oct 23 2016 Our rector Birthday


Lunch and Greetings

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20161023 60 birthday of Fr Michael Fourik / Google Photos

Our rector Birthday

Dear parishioners

Father Michael is 60 years old! Congratulations to Fr. Michael, Matushka Elena and children! Many Years Dear Father and all the parishioners! May God cover our infirmities by His grace, let strengthen our body and soul, so that we are not weakened in the way of Salvation under the guidance of our Good

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Our dear Archbishop Lazar, on your 75th anniversary, God, grant you Many years!

The Rector Fr. Michael, the Church Council and all Parishioners of Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor On the Day of his 75th anniversary wish Vladyka Lazar Many Years and Happy Birthday!

Archbishop Lazar, together with Bishop Varlaam of the Monastery of All Saints of North America (Dewdney) often visit our Sobor to serve Festive liturgies.

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Oct 18 2015 Fr Michael’s birthday

May 19 2015 The Name day of Kirill

Dec 2, 2012 – Happy Birthday dear Fr. John

Dec 11, 2011 – Congratulations to Fr Andrew on the Name Day

20111211 Father Andrey's Name Day / Google Photos

January 25, 2009 Tatyana’s day

20090125-1 Tatyanin den / Google Photos

March 31, 2007 Dedicating the Monk Samuel to the Deacon

20070331 Ordination to Diaconate of monk Samuel / Google Photos

Aug 21 2005 Blew Domes

20050821 Painting of the domes / Google Photos

Feb 6 2005

20050206 service / Google Photos

Oct 21 2001 Birthday party

20011021 Birthday party / Google Photos