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The Vancouver Orthodox Cemetery (VOC) was created by our parish and Heritage Gardens Surrey Cemetery (HGSC) in their territory.
The purpose of establishing the VOC is the maintenance of Orthodox burials in order.

The VOC acts on the basis of the following documents:

BPCPA- Refers to Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act (2004)
CIFSA- Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act (2004)
Cemetery By-Laws
Annexes Cemetery By-Laws: А – Fee Schedule, В – Memorials, С – Types of lots

Specific conditions for our section are in the document adopted by our Annual Parish Meeting from March 11 2018 Vancouver Orthodox Cemetery Protocols. These Protocols will be updated when needed, and will be adopted by our church council. VOC Protocols are in addition to, and do not supersede the HGSC Cemetery Bylaws, Rules or Regulations.

The Right of interment is obtained through signing Right of Interment Agreement and payment by check the sum of the agreement. Each agreement is for one place (grave). In each grave it is allowed to bury two people in the traditional way and eight urns with cremated remains. The text of this agreement may be updated.

VOC has approximately 635 plots.
Address of the cemetery: 19082 16th Avenue, Surrey BC. (192 St. and 16 Ave).
The company’s website

Here is the Rotunda project in the southeast corner of the section

VOC plan