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Nov 28 – Nativity Fast starts today

Dear parishioners!

The Nativity Fast started today on November 28th, in accordance with the Old Julian Calendar.
It is not allowed to eat meat or dairy products. Fish is allowed except Wednesday and Friday.
Elderly or sick could receive a blessing from a priest if they are not able to abstain from lenten foods.
Our fasting should involve our spirit. St John Chrysostom wrote” People are mistaken if they think that Fast means only abstaining from food.
A true fasting means to distance ourselves from evil, from anger, also we have to watch what we say, to take control of our desires and passions…
All the above-mentioned leads us closer to God, which is the purpose of a christian life.
Fasting is a special time devoted to God, time of spiritual growth. During the time of fasting a human soul is renewed, getting ready to meet The Nativity of Christ.

I would like to remind you also, that Akathist to the Holy Theotokos will be served on this coming Saturday, December 1st, at 18:00 in our church.

With brotherly love,
Archpriest Michael Fourik

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