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Annual report for year 2000

Mercy and Compassion – 2000

Report by Mrs. Raissa Kolesnikov

Dear Fr. Michael and dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

During the past year, the Miloserdie Group sent seventy boxes of clothing, footwear, toys and chocolates to the Miloserdie House at Holy Trinity Church in the Oblast of Orenburg in Siberia. This shipment has not been received as yet as transit takes three months or so and was first sent to the Moscow Patriarchate from there it will be loaded onto a truck and hauled to the Holy Trinity Church in Siberia. We also sent to the Miloserdie House $1200.00 U.S. and then in November a further $1762.00 U.S. We withdrew $1000.00 from the Miloserdie Group account and Mr. Anatole Portnoff donated the Balance. Heartfelt thank to him. Both of the sums of money sent were received and acknowledged.

In his letter of thanks, the rector of Holy Trinity Church – Fr. Hicholai- wrote, “We wish all your pari­shioners God’s mercy, a spiritual and physical strengthening in the performance of their good deeds. The donated monies have been assigned to the building of a boys dormitory.” Let us all continue to help the Miloserdie House. Anyone who has the means to donate clothing or money, please do so to help the elderly and the children of the House.

Last year, we also sent medical supplies worth $10,000.00 to the Ushgorod Oblast in Ukraine. Mr. Corky Kaulusa donated these supplies to us. We were fortunate to be able to send’ this shipment free of charge. It was received in its entirety and undamaged.

Miloserdie continues to assist the Republic Children’s Hospital. Because it is no longer practical to send medical supplies, we have been sending $500.00 every quarterly. Although this is a very modest sum for such a huge institution, it nevertheless helps in saving children’s lives. The director of the hospital and one of the Physicians wrote the following,” We Sincerely thank you for your assistance. We were able to purchase with this money extremely expensive medication for a child who is very ill, Anna Pasinkova. This child suffers from a congenital immunosuppressive defect and severe hypomorphism. She lives in Volgograd but they are unable to supply her there with immunoglobulin, which is crucial for the support of her life. With your financial aid, we were able to give her a high quality of intravenous immunoglobulin to be administered at home. Thank you for saving her life.”

Thank you for your attention.

Respectfully submitted by Raissa Kolesnikoff,
President of the “Miloserdie Group”.