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COVID-19 Rules

  1. In order to comply the government issued guidelines and requirements for the public events during pandemic, the Church had to limit the amount of people attending the services. At this moment the attendance of the Sunday services should be booked in advance.
  2. Remember You are responsible for your own health. If you are experience any of the coronavirus symptoms, feeling sick or contagious, please do not visit the Church and consult with your doctor.
  3. During your visit please observe the social distancing, as per recommendation of Canada Health Ministry – safe distance is about 2 meters/6 feet from each other.
  4. Do not kiss icons, crosses and other sacred items.
  5. Refrain from handshakes, hugs and kisses. For the confession in advance prepare a list and hand it over to Fr. Michael when it’s your turn to confess.
  6. Receive father’s blessing from a distance.
    Communion will be given using separate spoons – one per person (no shared spoon).
  7. We do not recommend you to bring small children into the Church during pandemic. The Sunday school is currently closed.
  8. For your own protection we encourage you to wear a face mask and gloves.
  9. Clean your hands prior entering the Church. We will provide the hand sanitizer or you can use our washrooms.
  10. After the service is ended, if you don’t have such a need, please do not stay inside the Church for small talks. Outside is safer.

We would like to see you in our Church and extremely hopeful that these temporary measures, providing that they are being observed by you, will make your visit safe. We are asking you to follow above mentioned recommendations as well as recommendations of Canadian Ministry of Health. If you are still concerned about visiting the Church, you have Father’s and Bishop’s blessings to stay home until pandemic is officially over. We are going to continue streams of the Sunday services on our YouTube channel.