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Годовое Приходское Собрание состоится 16 марта 2014 г. после литургии

Дорогие братья и сестры, члены прихода с правом голоса!

Ниже приводятся три документа для нашего Годового Приходского Собрания, который состоится 16 марта после литургии.
– Повестка дня,
– Протокол предыдущего 2013 Годового Приходского Собрания.
– Прокси (для тех членов, которые не могут принять участие в собрании персонально)
Присутствие на собрании имеет важное значение, потому что мы должны собрать необходимый кворум.
Пожалуйста, постарайтесь заплатить хотя бы часть ваших членских взносов до 15 марта.
Перед собранием мы планируем Пот-Лак, пожалуйста, принесите немного еды.

Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы или сомнения.
Я надеюсь, что все вы можете присутствовать на этом заседании.

С любовью во Христе,

Отец Михаил Фурик,
Настоятель Свято-Воскресенского Собора

AGENDA OF THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING, March 16, 2014 – at 12:30 pm

1. Opening prayer and Memory Eternal for the Departed Clergy and Parishioners
2. Determination of a Quorum
3. Adoption of the Agenda
4. Minutes of Previous Meeting – February 24, 2013
5. Reports: 1- Rector, 2 – Starosta, 3 – Treasurer, 4 – Culture and Educat., 5 – Auditors
6. Adoption of the Parish Budget
7. Announcement of the Parish Council by the Rector
8. Appointing of Parish Trustees: Sub-deacon and Reader Jason Alexander Morley, Ouchmarov Dimitri, Ovdak Gennadi (Church Council recommendation)
9. Current (Old) Business
9.1 Rectory Kitchen to up-date (Fr. Michael)
9.2 Renovation of the Church to up-date: Plan “A” (Reports by Committee members)
10. New Business
10.1 Rectory leasing (renting) to the Parish Rector
10.2 Plan “B”- close Breezeway (on North side to build the wall with Double Entrance Door)
10.3 Repairs: Painting the Church inside (the same color), Main Entrance Steps, Basement Leakings, clean the moss from the roofs of the: Church, Hall and Rectory
10.4 Membership dues: Increase to the level of 2012 = $140.00 (Council recommendation)
10.5 Jubilee – 90th Anniversary of the Parish. Speakers: A.Ovodov, then Jubilee Committee:
Fr. Michael, A. Kostiha, P. Sorokin, J. A. Morley, M. Popovich, G. Povorozniuk
11. Adjournment
12. Closing Prayer
If you have not paid your annual membership dues which is $99.00. It would be very much appreciated if you could please pay the amount in advance of the meeting. You may pay in 2 or 3 installments. Thank You.
Please bring the Documents you received, to the Meeting.

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting – 24th Feb. 2013
1. Opening prayer and Memory Eternal for the Departed Parishioners: V. Rev. Fr. Michael Fourik led an opening prayer and a memorial for the Departed Parishioners. The meeting was called to order at 12:37 PM. V. Rev. Fr. Michael welcomed everyone to the 2013 Annual Meeting. V. Rev. Fr. Michael requested Alexander Grountsev to chair the meeting and Jason-Aleksandr Morley, Secretary, to take the minutes.
2. Determination of a Quorum: A quorum was confirmed – specifically there were 57 members present.
3. Adoption of the Agenda: Motion to adopt the Agenda was moved by Michael Popovich and seconded by Olga Kichenko – Motion Carried.
4. Minutes of Previous Meeting – 1st April 2012: Minutes of the 1st April 2012 Annual Parish Meeting were mailed, or given, to all voting members prior to the 24th February 2013 meeting. Motion to adopt the minutes from the previous meeting was moved by Jason-Aleksandr Morley, Secretary and seconded by Alexander Grountsev – Motion Carried.
5. Reports:
5.1 Rector’s Report – was read aloud.
5.2 Church Warden (Starosta) – was read aloud.
5.3 Treasure’s Report – was read aloud.
5.4 Culture & Education Report – was read aloud.
5.5 Property Manager – Fr. Michael provided a brief report which reiterated various points already mentioned in the above noted reports (it is noted that V. Rev. Fr. Michael is actively seeking a suitable parishioner to fulfill the role of Property Manager).
5.6 Auditors Report – was read aloud.
6. Adoption of the Parish Budget: Pavel Sorokin, Treasurer, presented the 2013 Parish Budget. During this presentation, Vladimir Neburchilov did make a motion to increase V. Rev. Fr. Michael’s (Rector’s) salary by $5000.00 per year; motion was seconded by Natalie Ovdak. Motion carried. After some discussion ref possible budget increases for advertising and promotion of our Faith, a motion was moved to accept the budget – motion moved by Natalie Ovdak and seconded by Jason-Aleksandr Morley, Secretary. Motion carried.
7. Announcement of the Parish Council: V. Rev. Fr. Michael announced the following as the Parish Council for 2013;
MEMBERS: V. Rev. Fr. Michael (Rector & Chairperson), Arthur Kostiha (Church Warden/Starosta), Michael Popovich (Assistant Starosta), Pavel Sorokin (Treasurer), Sub-Deacon, Jason-Aleksandr Morley (Secretary).
MEMBERS AT LARGE: George Povorozniuk
There was no Motion necessary for the acceptance of the 2013 Parish Council as per parish by-laws.
8. Appointing of Parish Trustees: V. Rev. Fr. Michael announced the following as the Parish Trustees for 2013: Sub-Deacon and Reader, Jason-Aleksandr Morley, Secretary, Ouchmarov Dimitri & Ovdak, Gennadi. There was no Motion necessary for the acceptance of the 2013 Parish Trustees as per parish by-laws.
9. Current (Old) Business:
9.1 Renovation of the Church to up-date (by Architect Vikram Tiku, Victoria Paschalides and Alexander Grountsev – in Russian) – Report was to the effect that, after a year of going back-and-forth trips to the City of Vancouver to seek approval and guidance with respect to this project, we are perhaps only two months away from obtaining a possible building permit allowing the Parish to go ahead with construction.
10 New Business
10.1 17th All-American Council in Parma, Ohio, USA, in Nov. 2012 (by Fr. Michael) – Report read out.
10.2 Delegates to the Archdiocesan Assembly in Ottawa in August 22 – 24, 2013: V. Rev. Fr. Michael Fourik – by his position as Rector and Pavel Sorokin – (Council recommendation) – Presented by Fr. Michael.
10.3 Membership Dues: increase/decrease: Motion moved by Olga Kichenko to increase the Membership Dues to $150.00, motion was not seconded and therefore withdrawn. Motion moved by Alexander Grountsev to decrease the Membership Dues to $99.00; motion was seconded by Dmitri Chafir – Motion Carried.
10.4 Rectory Kitchen Renovation (Council recommendation): Presentation made by V. Rev. Fr. Michael with respect to the decaying condition of the Rectory Kitchen. Motion moved by Natalie Ovdak and seconded by Vladimir Neburchilov to renovate the Rectory Kitchen. Motion Carried. (No specific dollar amount given).
11 Adjournment: There being no further business, Jason-Aleksandr Morley, Secretary declared the meeting adjourned @ 3:20 PM.
12 Closing Prayer: V. Rev. Fr. Michael Fourik led a closing prayer and thanked all for attending.
Respectfully submitted;
V. Rev. Fr. Michael, Rector & Sub-Deacon, Jason-Aleksandr Morley, Secretary

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